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Vivian Seay Giles


Vivian began her career in tax consulting and compliance at a tax law firm and then a Big 5 accounting firm, which started the foundation of her role as a legal professional. Today, she helps local governments, businesses, individuals, and families navigate finance-related legal matters as well as a host of other similar challenges. As a problem solver, Vivian digs deeply into the nuances and complexities her clients face. Whether she’s working with county administrators on budget goals and debt restructuring needs or with families to unravel legal intricacies in their financial matters, she remains a forthright ally. As she supports each client, Vivian looks from all angles in order to help them address known and unknown roadblocks and opportunities. Her goal is to leave no gaps in their strategies and maximize what’s possible. No matter the legal outcomes her clients seek, Vivian helps them unravel the minutiae, create a course of action, and come out ahead.

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