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Leigh Anne Ratliff

Account Executive

Leigh Anne Ratliff has been in the energy industry for fifteen years and the demand response industry for the last nine. She received her engineering undergraduate degree from the University of Illinois and followed it with a masters in financial markets and trading from the Illinois Institute of Technology. Leigh Anne worked for York International in their industrial sales department, traded short-term interest rate options on the floor of the Mercantile Exchange, risk managed a 24/7 global options trading team, worked for a major utility as a liaison between trading, IT and risk, co-owned an energy hedge fund, and finds it interesting how all of those disparate industries are applicable to demand response! She is currently working on a second masters in Energy Regulation and Environmental Law and in her free time (what there is of it) enjoys judging speech and debate tournaments, reading, cooking, gardening, taking walks and attending her kids’ many swim meets.

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