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Cody Nystrom

Managing Director

Cody Nystrom is a Managing Director at SJF Ventures. She joined SJF in the Durham, North Carolina office in 2007 and leads SJF’s health and wellness investment practice. Cody currently serves on the boards of mPulse Mobile (mobile healthcare engagement platform), TemperPack (sustainable thermal packaging solutions), Solera Health (preventative and community health network), Validic (mobile health data platform), and Cecelia Health (clinician coaching solutions for chronic conditions). Cody previously represented SJF on the boards of Versify Solutions, Community Energy, Inc., Vital Farms, and CleanScapes. Cody also serves on advising committees for Lighthouse Labs, Commonwealth Energy Fund, and the Virginia Solar Energy Development and Energy Storage Authority. Cody was previously at Ewing Bemiss & Co., an investment bank based in Richmond, Virginia that provides M&A and other financial advisory services to middle-market companies, primarily in the energy and healthcare services sectors. Cody graduated summa cum laude from the University of Virginia with a BS in Systems and Information Engineering and a minor in Business.

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