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Chase Counts

Director of Utility Programs

Chase leads a team dedicated towards implementing and executing utility-sponsored energy efficiency programs focused on serving low-income households and other vulnerable populations in Virginia. He manages a network of subcontractors, trade allies, and in-house staff to deliver services. He and his team coordinate with local government officials, elected leaders, and other non-profit social service providers to connect no-cost services with their constituents. Utility sponsors include investor-owned electric and gas utilities and rural electric cooperatives throughout the Commonwealth. Previously, he organized rooftop solar bulk-purchasing campaigns in southwest Virginia. He began as an instructor teaching building science and weatherization and later conducted residential and commercial energy audits as an independent consultant. He is an alumnus of the Clean Energy Leadership Institute, a Certified Energy Manager®, stays active in several industry organizations, and serves as the U.S. Director of Outreach for Weatherizers Without Borders. In late 2018, he started Greenbound RVA to connect clean energy and environmental professionals in Richmond, VA.

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